So today I took part in the creation of some of the worst/best zines ever conceived. There was the Unattractive Pokemon zine-



Cat zine-


Dog zine-


Sexy log zine-


Pet Rock zine-



And Fancy zine-


These exquisite masterpieces were…

Monster Babies cometh!

Finally finished this mini illustration. Soon to be in print along with stickers!

It’s really hard to balance work and art, this weekend it really got in my way while I was trying to budget my time. Sometimes I wonder if I’m more into my day job than my career…

…Scary thought.

Monster Babies!

I’ve been working on this project for about 2 weeks now. Here’s a preview. The theme is phobias so naturally I chose Teratophobia, the fear of monster babies and deformities.

Originally I had planned on making a gore filled fetus extravanaza but then I thought about how insensitive that would be. I love gore as much as the next person but I was about to appropriate someone’s disabilities for entertainment which would have been wrong. So I came to this more light hearted take on the phobia which pokes fun at the heritage of the fear.

More to come soon! It will be colored and printed as a finished product.

Muted Nautlius

 Proof for screenprinting

Wow, this trade is hard, has anyone ever silk screen printed? It’s ridiculous and fun and totally a craft worth honing. I’m not sure what I’ll do with these prints when they’re done but it will definitely include framing.

Women’s Armor is fun

Been feeling the “girl in armor” kind of feels. Maybe it’s just me getting psyched for more Brienne this April.

Yeah so expect more of this. There’s also something mystical about trying to work out how to make women’s armor as fashionably interesting and diverse as male armor while making it distinct yet plausible.

Update on some progress with the spring Webcomic launch. This character is a sidekick of sorts, but he looks a bit like Aladdin I suppose. Trying to make an amalgamation of desert and punk look for him, with a dash of valiance. Hmmm maybe just a sprinkling more of valiance and a sprig of arrogance.

The recipe is definitely a work in progress till.

Background Concept Art

Another update from my work on the in production web comic. It WILL be launching this late spring and it will be in full color, web format. I am super psyched to this narrative and I really hope my fans can give me tons of feedback on the character and story.

It’s one of those stories that just seems to flow from my fingers, I can’t NOT draw it. I hope that all of us creatives can feel this feeling some day.

Anyway, cheers have a lovely evening everyone!


The are making it happen in Minneapolis.


Autoptic 2015: Save the date! (Drawing by Caitlin Skaalrud)

I would be excited to go again! One of the best comic conventions in the twin cities that I have ever had the pleasure to visit!

(via foxingquarterly)

Process Sketches and Cultural Appropriation

Hello everyone, happy February. It’s been a brutally cold one this year and I’ve been feeling it heavily.

Lately I am entrenched in scripting and world building a long form webcomic to be launched this spring! Here are some process sketches of that project. I feel drawn to developing characters from a different cultural background than my own, it’s a hairy business. I have to be very careful not to appropriate another culture for aesthetic reasons.

That said, it’s wonderfully rewarding to realize the bountiful resources of different ideas, clothing styles, architecture, and art that our world creates. Using and understanding that knowledge makes us more well rounded creators. I hope that my storytelling can unite some of these ideas in interesting ways.

Offering $2 digital copies of Keeps Me Going on Gumroad. It’s the same price as a large fry from McDonalds, so you know it’s going to be good.